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The Problem: Disconnected Systems

You’ve got 10, 15, 20 systems, applications, internet software - Salesforce, Quickbooks, Zoho, BaseCamp, Slack, Zapier, Invoicing/ Accounting, Training / LMS, Certification, G-Drive, Event Management, Trello, Dropbox, Etc. - and all the information and data associated with them is isolated.

Inconvenient – Inefficient - Significantly Restricted Business Value – Unrealized Business Value

What if you could:

Combine the power of all your internet systems in one place and give your Clients, Staff, and Vendors a completely new experience of your business?

Provide one place where all your business end users can find the information they need, and be automatically updated on project activity.

Easily see all of your business metrics from various systems and make better data-driven decisions.

For example

Universal Search - Find every bit of business data, regardless of where it exists!

Business Alerts - Automatically notify stakeholders of updates & modifications to any data, from any system you choose.

Data Analytics - Gain cost and profit impacting insight on your customers, partners, vendors and operations.

Singular Dashboard - See ALL that data and information through a web-based interface.

Knowledge Pages - Mashup internal or external content and data from your business Apps, APIs, Databases on specific business topics you select, such as clients, sales, products, initiatives, sales, marketing, partners, etc.

What is a Roadmap?

A Business Technology Plan

A Roadmap defines how you will achieve your business goals with ever changing technology to stay competive, grow your market, and reduce costs.

A Roadmap identifies specific modernization opportunities which would have a measurable positive business impact in one or more areas of your business.

In a Roadmap session we’ll talk about your audiences, business model, competitors, current state of technology, pain points, budget, and any other relevant areas. We’ll map that business knowledge together with our expertise on a wide range of tools and technologies to identify potential operational efficiencies, as well as new business opportunities.

We collaborate with you on how you can use technology to simplify your processes, lower operational costs, and improve all areas of your business decision-making with valuable new data analytics.

Kickstart: Intensive Planning & Prototyping Workshop

Let us Kickstart your next project

A Kickstart Workshop brings your team together to plan and prototype your next project. Depending on your need which may be a business pain point, a desire to create new application for your customers, or maybe a new website for your vendors, we can cover the major goals.

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Application Storyboards

  • User Workflow

  • Web / Mobile Wireframes

  • Define User Personas

  • Lean Model Canvas

  • System Diagrams

  • App Prototypes

  • Data / Search Models

  • Agile Project Plan

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Data / Integration Flow


We can do this at your office or ours over the course of a 3-5 day intensive workshop. We can use a Kickstart to plan a new project, improve an existing product, or help define how to customize & configure an existing platform or technology.

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We will assess your current state, determine how your specific organization could benefit from modernization, and deliver your high-level, ROI-driven, business-technology modernization roadmap.

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